GenPod LifeStore

  • GenPod LifeStore Kit
    • 1 GenPod LifeStore
      • 1 Vial of Purified DNA ready for Sequencing
      • 512GB data storage capacity
    • 1 GenSaver™ Card (Sequencing DNA Collection)
    • Instruction Booklet
  • GenPod Specs
    Height .3875 in.
    Length 3 in.
    Width 0.625 in.
    Data Storage Capacity 512GB
    DNA Storage Vials 1
  • Your DNA collection kit will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. Once you have received your DNA collection kit you will follow the enclosed instructions to collect your DNA and submit your DNA sample to our lab -return shipping instructions are enclosed in the collection kit. Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your GenPod LifeStore following the submission of your DNA sample. If you have ordered Whole Genome Sequencing along with your GenPod LifeStore please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for sequencing services to be completed and loaded on to your GenPod LifeStore.
Data Storage Capacity