Data on GenPod

What kind of data can be stored?

First, your DNA sequence file (a digital file of your DNA). This file is used by GenPod Human for interacting with applications designed to allow you to use your unique DNA data.

Getting your DNA Sequenced

When you purchase a GenPod you can also purchase a Whole Genome Sequence - known as a WGS. This is your entire genome (all of you) in digital form placed right onto your GenPod. Now that's really cool. We've done it - you should too. GENiSYSS utilizes CAP/CLIA certified partners to provide high quality WGS data that is then stored directly on your GenPod and given to you for safe keeping. We don't have the file - you do. This is the absolute best way to ensure that your DNA is fully stored and documented securely and can be used.

Click here to learn more about sequencing.

What else?

In addition to your sequence file you can also store other information that is important to you from your computer or mobile device.

  • Personal documents and files
  • Pictures
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Family Information
  • Military service information and documents

 Security is a big deal

In today's world of genetic sequencing and testing for genealogy, nutrition, entertainment and more, some questions remain: What about my sequencing data? The digital data that was generated for my DNA test - where is it?

These are questions that more and more people are asking.

  • Can it be hacked?
  • Is it secure?
  • How do I access it if I want to use it?
  • Who really owns my DNA data? Me? Them? Who are they?
  • What happens if someone downloads my data that shouldn't have it?

Yikes! that is a lot of scary questions.

Thankfully, GenPod can answer all of those questions easily for you because, on GenPod.....

  • it can't be hacked.
  • it's as secure as you keep it - you are in control of that.
  • you own it, have it and can use it any time you want.
  • unless you personally hand it to a stranger, it can't be used by those that shouldn't have it.

This is the genius behind GenPod. The data is fully yours. Since the data is yours and is in your possession you can relax and have peace of mind about what's going on with your personal information. You can share it with those you trust and the bad guys can't get it.

Keeping it together

In every case except GenPod, your DNA and the data generated from that DNA are in completely different places. Your DNA, if it was saved, is in a freezer somewhere and your data is on a server in the cloud somewhere else. The chances of those two ever coming together are pretty slim. Not on a GenPod though because they are  both on the same device. That was easy!