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Because of its design, GenPod is perfect for storing animal DNA and the information that goes along with it. This capability opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for owners and animal care professionals that want to keep their animal's records straight.

Here are some ways that GenPod will benefit the animal world and those that care for them:

  • Accurate and verifiable records;¬†Animal data and DNA is kept in the same location and accessible
  • Veterinarians and breeders can use GenPod to offer another level of security and information sharing to their clients
  • Sequence data from veterinary genetics labs can be stored on GenPod along with the sample from the animal ensuring a match
  • Breeders can offer GenPod as part of their product deliverable giving their clients "next-level" security
  • Memorials of loved animals can be stored and displayed

This list should be a catalyst for using GenPod as part of animal care. It's so simple and, once done, it gives everyone involved a resource that can ensure the animals well being and the owners peace of mind.

Talk with your veterinarian about what type of sequence files you might store on GenPod. They would be happy to help you understand what might be of value for future reference and record keeping.