Trends in DNA

Trends that allow us to be authentic; to experience and embrace our uniqueness.

 We hear every day about the advances that are being made in the use of DNA in medicine. This is the most visible, and talked about trend because, for one, it makes a lot of sense, but also because it has positive, lasting impact for so many people.

There are other trends that are interesting to talk about though that we aren't hearing as much about. For instance:

  • Clothing that is designed based on your DNA
  • Tattoo designs that are derived from your DNA
  • Games that utilize your DNA giving you special features or powers (or weaknesses maybe)
  • Wine that is paired with your DNA
  • Fitness and nutrition programs that are perfectly tailored to you based on your DNA

The list goes on and will continue to grow beyond our immediate ability to imagine. This trend will only be limited by peoples imagination and creativity which means there is no limit to how we will experience our uniqueness.

The key to tapping into these trends is to have your Whole Genome Sequence available. Once you have this, any of the thousands of ideas that are conceived to utilize your unique DNA are now much closer to reality for you.

It is estimated that 60 million people will have their whole genome sequenced (WGS) by 2025.

Where will they keep it? How will they use it?


People MUST store their DNA sequence in order to benefit from the things it can provide them. If they don't have it, they can't use it. Your DNA sequence on a GenPod is a great first step.