Our Solutions

GENiSYSS brings together, into ONE device, two incredibly important processes

  • personally archiving (banking) DNA
  • creating, storing and utilizing electronic data related to the DNA so it can be used by the owner at any time.

GenPod is the only device capable of co-locating physical DNA and related digital data. GenPod allows a person to preserve their DNA and benefit from their uniqueness in a secure and personal way.

GENiSYSS offers three categories of GenPod products - LifeStore, Human and Animal

GenPod LifeStore is designed to securely preserve a persons DNA and securely store their DNA Sequence Data. With ample data storage space GenPod LifeStore can store an entire human genome sequence.

GenPod LifeStore

GenPod Human (Releasing Fall 2019) is designed to fully interface with a persons lifestyle and to act as a platform for health, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, family security and much more.

GenPod Human

GenPod Animal is a simpler product designed to easily capture and protect animal DNA and provide a simple way to store related data. GenPod animal is designed for security, record keeping and materialization of animals.

GenPod Animal