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GenPod Human changes the way everyone accesses and uses their DNA.

GenPod Human - Coming Fall 2019

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I was flying home from a business trip and the guy sitting next to me said, "What do you do?" I said, "I make a device that allows you to get your DNA out of your body, get it sequenced and then use it - it's hard to use when it's in your body but it's easy to use if it's in your GenPod". His response - "I want one as soon as I can get it!"
- Eric Pierson, CEO, GENiSYSS

Your DNA is in your body - get it out and use it!

We hear every day about the advances that are being made in the use of DNA in medicine. This is the most visible, and talked about trend because, for one, it makes a lot of sense, but also because it has positive, lasting impact for so many people.

There are other trends that are interesting to talk about though that we aren't hearing as much about. For instance:

  • Clothing that is designed based on your DNA
  • Tattoo designs that are derived from your DNA
  • Games that utilize your DNA giving you special features or powers (or weaknesses maybe)
  • Wine that is paired with your DNA
  • Fitness and nutrition programs that are perfectly tailored to you based on your DNA

The list goes on and will continue to grow, limited only by people's imagination and creativity which means there is no limit to how we will experience our uniqueness.

The key to tapping into these trends is to have your Whole Genome Sequence available. Once you have this, any of the thousands of ideas that are conceived to utilize your unique DNA are now much closer to reality for you.

This is where GenPod comes in. It is the platform for all of these ideas to take flight. With your DNA sequence on GenPod you can now connect yourself with all of the creative ideas designed to allow you to take advantage of who YOU are. GenPod is a personal and secure PLATFORM FOR IMAGINATION.

The DNA bank and the server all in one

Think of GenPod like a DNA storage bank and a server all in one.Once you have your DNA sequenced and on GenPod you can actually use it. Everyone is carrying around their DNA but they don't have any way to utilize it if it's stuck in their body.

With your sequence file securely on GenPod and in your control, you now have everything you need to interface with the hundreds applications that are being created to cater to your uniqueness. GenPod Human will forever change the way you are able to experience products, services and entertainment and the way you control your own DNA.

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