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Coming Fall 2019

GenPod Human. Now you can USE your DNA! 

Here are the steps involved in getting your GenPod Human:

  1. Order your GenPod Human and your Whole Genome Sequence (Reserve a spot in line - pre-orders for GenPod Human and sequencing are going on now - deliveries are scheduled to begin fall 2019 but we can get you started now See details below).
  2. Receive a DNA sample collection kit in the mail.
  3. Follow the instructions for the sample collection.
  4. Send your sample in to our lab by following the enclosed return shipping instructions.
  5. We will extract your DNA from your sample and have it sequenced. (This is a very high quality, certified, Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) meaning your entire genome - that's ALL of you - 3 Billion base pairs - so cool! This isn't some low quality, cheap sequence, it is incredibly high quality and done in a CAP/CLIA certified lab - that is why it costs more than the other stuff you see out there. Once you have it though, you'll have it forever.)
  6. Your sequence file will be loaded on to your GenPod along with two perfectly preserved samples of your DNA - for security purposes.
  7. Your completed GenPod will be returned to you ready for use.
  8. You'll download apps that interface with your data on GenPod Human through Bluetooth and USB-C connection - super easy and super secure.
  9. The other cool thing is your DNA sample and the sequence data on GenPod are secure because you have them - not someone else.
  10. Once you have your GenPod your DNA is out of your body and in a safe place - now you can use it like YOU want WHEN you want.

Ordering Details

GenPod Human can be purchased at two different order levels:

Order Level 1: $599 - GenPod Human with purified DNA on board (no DNA sequence file)

Order Level 2: $1999  - GenPod Human with purified DNA on board + your Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) file on-board

Order Level 1

GenPod Human- Order Level 1 includes:
  • GenPod Human with:
    • 4 color choices
    • Large capacity data storage 
    • Bluetooth enabled
    • USB-C connection 
    • Charging cord
    • GenPod app for iOS and Android (downloaded)
  • Two (2) purified and preserved samples of your DNA loaded on board your GenPod in our lab. Your purified DNA is locked in a proprietary patented technology called GT-D developed by our technology partner GenTegra. GT-D allows your DNA to remain in the GenPod indefinitely in a dry state at room temperature. If needed, these samples can be re-hydrated (water added) by any qualified lab and used at any time for sequence processes.
  • Note: Your Whole Genome Sequence can be run at any time using one of your two purified DNA samples that are stored on your GenPod. Price for sequencing at a later time is $1500. This requires that your GenPod be sent to GENiSYSS so one of your two on-board DNA samples can be utilized for the sequence. If you want to ensure that you have adequate DNA samples for future use, it is recommended that you purchase the Level 2 package. With the Level 2 package you'll pay less for sequencing and it won't use a DNA sample from your GenPod.

Order Level 2

GenPod Human - Order Level 2 includes:
  • GenPod Human (see specs above in Order Level 1)
  • Two (2) purified and preserved samples of your DNA loaded on your GenPod in our lab (see details above in Level 1)
  • Your high-quality Whole Genome Sequence completed and loaded on your GenPod and ready to be used. 
  • Delivered to you ready to go
      When you purchase GenPod Human you also receive the following:
      • A kit to collect and submit your DNA sample for processing. 
      • Downloadable application (iOS and Android) for getting started with GenPod. (Other GenPod licensed apps are downloaded from third party suppliers. Third party suppliers specific fees, terms and conditions will apply.)

        GenPod Human is scheduled for delivery beginning Fall of 2019 but you can get started now by pre-ordering your GenPod and beginning the process of getting your DNA ready to load on your GenPod once it’s ready. Click on one of the links below to get started with your pre-order. We will send you the kit to get started. We'll handle the rest of the details and your fully-loaded GenPod will arrive upon final release.

        I Want to Pre-Order My GenPod Human - Order Level 1 $599

        I Want to Pre-Order My GenPod Human - Order Level 2 $1,999

        If you order Level 2, your sequence (WGS) will be completed once your sample is submitted and processed. If your sequence is complete prior to GenPod's Fall 2019 release GENISYSS will temporarily store your sequence data in a secure off-line server until GenPod Human is ready for release. Upon release of GenPod Human your data will be transferred from our secure server onto your GenPod and your device will be sent to you with your sequence on board. Immediately upon successfully transferring your file onto your GenPod (once transfer is verified) your WGS will be deleted from our server. NOTE: Our server is OFF-LINE, meaning it cannot be accessed by hackers or cyber criminals.