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GenPod Animal - make sure everyone is secure!

Here are the steps involved in receiving your GenPod Animal:

  1. Order your GenPod Animal
  2. Receive it in the mail
  3. Follow the simple instructions for the sample collection. If you would like assistance, check with your local veterinarian, they would be happy to help you. The veterinarian may charge you a fee - check with them to find out what they can do for you. Learn more
  4. Your animals DNA sample is now secure on GenPod Animal
  5. In addition to the DNA archived on GenPod Animal you may want to store genetics files derived from your animal's DNA. If so, talk with your animal care professional to better understand what is involved in acquiring this information to store on GenPod.
  6. Store any data on GenPod Animal by simply plugging it in to your USB on your computer and saving files to it. Learn more

Order GenPod Animal 16GB $299

Order GenPod Animal 512GB $399

** 512GB required for storage of large SNP's and Whole Genomic Sequence files.