Sequencing DNA

You can have your entire genome sequenced. But why?

Sequencing is a critical part of utilizing your DNA. Without the sequence (a digital version of your DNA) your genome can't be analyzed. A Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) file is a specially formatted text file of your entire genome (DNA) - all 3 billion base pairs. It's a big file! The format of the file is an industry standard that can be read by those trained to read it. To most of us it looks like this:


To geneticists, genetic counselors and other experts though, this data looks like:

  • your eyes are brown or blue or green or....
  • your hair is blond, brown, red or....
  • you do best with fatty foods or ... eating lettuce
  • you are from somewhere on the earth

In other words, you can learn thousands of things about yourself - from your predispositions to disease to where you came from to the best exercise for your genetic type and much more. We are all learning more about the human genome (DNA) every day. Having our DNA data available, so we can use it, is fast becoming an essential part of our lives.

Interesting fact:

If your Whole Genome Sequence was printed out in single line spacing it would require a stack of paper 250 feet (76 meters) high. It all fits on a GenPod though.

Getting your DNA Sequenced

When you purchase a GenPod you can also purchase a Whole Genome Sequence - known as a WGS (Details are on the order page). This is your entire genome (all of you) in digital form. If you order a sequence with your GenPod it will be placed right on your GenPod. Now that's really cool. GENiSYSS utilizes CAP/CLIA certified partners to provide high quality DNA extraction, purification and sequencing. Your WGS data is then loaded directly on your GenPod as a compressed data file (about 325GB of data) and given to you for safe keeping. We don't have the file - you do. This is the absolute best way to ensure that your DNA is fully stored and documented securely and can be used.