GenPod LifeStore

Make sure you store your life! Securely!

The patented device and DNA preservation technology on GenPod LifeStore will preserve ample amounts of your DNA in a dry state at room temperature. Your DNA will never expire once captured in the GenPod LifeStore. It's on-board 512GB USB 3.0 Premium memory allows ample amounts of personal data to be stored along with your DNA sequence (if you decide to purchase your Whole Genome Sequence).

Preserve your living DNA for just $499

Have your DNA Sequenced (your whole genome - that's all of you) and loaded on your GenPod LifeStore for an additional $1400 ($1899 total with GenPod LifeStore)

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Your Genetic Blueprint

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a large molecule that carries your unique genetic code, and determines every characteristic of who you are. Storing DNA preserves essential genetic data used in medical treatments, fitness and nutrition planning, lifestyle choices, ancestry studies, and much more.

Preserve Your Entire Genetic Story

By storing DNA on GenPod LifeStore, you are preserving your genetic blueprint in a tangible, traceable way. We're the only provider offering the storage of DNA and data on the same device - creating a simple and secure way to preserve your family's legacy.