General Information - Animal

General Information on GenPod

  • DNA stored on GenPod Animal is in raw form and is preserved inside the dried blood spot. The GenPod DNA sample is intended to be used as an archive of your animal’s DNA. In order to acquire data from the DNA, it must first be extracted from the dried blood spot, purified and analyzed by a capable laboratory.
  • Over the past 10 years, the preservation technology behind GenPod was developed and patented by our company scientists and tested extensively for long term effective preservation and storage of DNA.
  • Our patented formulations are used by leading genetics companies in thousands of applications for effective long-term preservation of DNA.
  • The goal behind GenPod is to make the process of personally storing DNA as easy and private as possible. Using GenPod there is no need to pay annual fees or spend a lot up front to effectively store DNA.
  • GenPod is the same - whether for people, animals or plants. The technology in GenPod works the same way for all these use cases.
  • DNA from multiple sources (different people, animals or plants) cannot be stored on the same GenPod as this will negatively impact the different samples.
  • The DNA storage media in the GenPod contains a formulation that will kill all blood-borne pathogens ensuring that these do not negatively impact the DNA sample.
  • Comparable services that store DNA can charge over $1000 to get started and cost $100’s per year to maintain. GenPod is a one-time cost that provides long-term benefits.