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GenPod Human opens up an entirely new world for lifestyle, entertainment, and personal applications. (GenPod Human - Coming Fall 2019)

Now that the genetic revolution has begun we will not be looking back. More and more of who and what you are will be used to personalize your world. Entertainment, lifestyle and personal choices are no exception.

GenPod Human is designed to enhance the way that you interact with everything from flavors to games. Your genetic profile can be used when it is on a GenPod. GenPod provides an amazing platform for those that develop around the human genome.

In developing GenPod Human, we recognize that everything doesn't need to be heavy and scientific. Along with all of that, there is plenty of room to apply creativity to how a persons genetic profile is used - in ways that enhance an individuals uniqueness. In fact, many applications that will interact with GenPod Human won't even know what your sequence means scientifically - they'll make up their own "meaning" and apply your sequence to see what you become. Now that is very cool!

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